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The Number One Scientific Webcast Talk Radio for your mind. This is scientific talk radio with Brooks Agnew as your host speaking to hundreds of the world's best authorities on the mysteries of the Universe and of the Earth. In the tinkling sea of talk radio, one voice is a rising star...a Renaissance man with a powerful knowledge of both science and spirituality. Heralded by millions around the world as the modern day John Galt (Atlas Shrugged). In here, the results are always positive. Please do not give up on the future of the human race yet!
Remember, Earth Explorers that YOU ARE SOURCE!


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Internationally acclaimed as one of the most exciting speakers in the world, Brooks will speak anywhere, anytime. You will stand up and cheer when you see and hear one of his outstanding presentations. Add Dr. Agnew to your roster of your expert speakers on the mysteries of the universe and of the Earth.

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