Brooks Agnew Kindle Books

Vol One: 34 Chapters      

This book is true, with use of fictional characters to help tell the Epic story of the ancient Union of the Polarity. In a white knuckle ride, the reader is chased from beginning to the end of the creation and destiny of the Earth. The names of these billionaires and world events are real. Nothing has been changed to protect anyone, because they are all guilty.
Vol Two: 44 Chapters      

Volume Two of the best-selling Bearth Trilogy continues as the reader discovers a true story unfolding around him in real time. Billions of intelligent spirits have made the arduous journey from every quadrant of the universe to be alive on Earth at this time. Some are born to commit unspeakable acts of evil. Some came here to personally advance and live during this amazing time of planetary transition. Others don’t belong here and don’t need to be here, and yet they came by the thousands to help the rest of mankind make it through mortality. You know who you are.
Vol Three: 44 Chapters      

The scope and reality of this final volume in the Bearth Trilogy is happening around you right now on the daily news. The wars, the religious genocide, the economic and political corruption are all real. The story is true. The cataclysms are possible. The places are real. None of the names have been changed, because they are all guilty. Only the characters of the story are created to carry you through the events at the ground level. When you finish this final volume of the trilogy, you will never look at life or death the same again. Are you ready for the change?
Remembering the Future: 8 Chapters     

The being that makes up the person you are, is only temporarily occupying solid matter in the form of your physical body. The real you is older than you can imagine. In fact, the entire universe is folded up inside of each and every human soul in the universe. It is a total agreement between every sentient being in the universe.