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Internationally acclaimed as one of the most exciting speakers in the world, Brooks will speak anywhere, anytime. You will stand up and cheer when you remember who you are! Add Dr. Agnew to your roster of your expert speakers on the mysteries of the universe and of the Earth. There is NO CHARGE for Brooks Agnew to speak at your event.

Remembering the Future: The Physics of the Soul and Time Travel  90 Minutes of one of the most amazing visual and mathematical journeys into resonance theory, human intention, and working the Law of Attraction to unlock the SECRET of the universe. Leave this presentation knowing how to pour the bounty of the universe into your life. This is the presentation that is empowering people to change the world forever. A must-see presentation that thousands have said is the best they have every seen.

Three-Hour Physics of the Soul Workshop:  Includes a 55-page workbook and a CD with world-class recorded meditation aid.

The North Pole Inner Earth Expedition:  Two hours that show you the greatest expedition in history about to take place to prove whether the Earth is hollow or not. Millions of viewers declared this the Winner of the Nippon Television 2008 Genes of Galileo film contest! Now the subject of a major motion picture screenplay! Find out the facts about Hollow Earth Theory. Hear the history and all the evidence from space, Earth, the sea, and even human consciousness and then decide for yourself. History Channel, National Geographic, Tru TV, and Discovery Channel are all standing in line to get this information to their audiences.

Alienated Nation: The New Quest for Liberty: Two hours of American history like you have never heard it before. Learn about the folks down at Wars-R-Us and the coming great Constitutional Convention backed by more than 40 States will take place! The Agency-Government is only 80 years old, and yet it controls 60% of the American tax dollar. Be a part of history and learn how you can save the human race from destruction; perhaps even the world. You will be cheering and ready to participate in the republic again.

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The lectures are free to the organizer! All reasonable travel and accommodations shall be paid for by the booking venue. Venue agrees to allow the sale of books, CD's, clothing, posters, and DVD's by Brooks Agnew. All revenues from the sale of items by Brooks Agnew shall be retained by Brooks Agnew. Audio and Visual equipment is provided by the venue. There is no minimum or maximum number of patrons. Venue may sell admission and will retain all revenues. Any sharing of ticket revenues is at the option of the venue.Workshops are a flat rate of $25 per person, which the venue is free to resell as a package to patrons.

The Future of Energy
Brooks Agnew designed and built the first industrial size continuous production Biodiesel Plant in America. You will learn how biodiesel is made, and how to make it on a small scale to run your own farm equipment, trucks, and generators. You will also learn how to build and operate a scalable algae-to-biodiesel plant from 5 hundred to 5 million gallons a month. You will also be exposed to breakthrough technologies that you can use for your own home, farm, or business to supply your own electrical power without requiring the public power grid.



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