Past Shows

X-Squared Radio LIVE Every Sunday at 5:00PM - 8:00PM Pacific Time.


X-Squared Radio has been live Every Sunday evening from 5-8 PM ET, for more than 12 years. NOW, on the Truth Frequency Radio Network, X-Squared Radio is a Webcast live, call-in, radio program hosted by Brooks A. Agnew, PhD with more than 20 thousand visits a day from a global audience. We recently were inducted into the I-Heart Radio family.

X-Squared is a mathematical function. Any number put into this function comes out positive. The program is dedicated to exploring the mysteries of the universe, and of the Earth to not only entertain and inform, but to empower the listener with knowledge of how to put the world back together when it comes flying apart.

There are evil men and women on this planet. Their souls came from a different place than the Seed of Adam. You need to know their agenda, and why they intend to carry out this agenda forever. They have been seeking to destroy America for more than 240 years. You have already been given the power to resist them, and the power to defeat them, but you need to remember who you are. Listening to this program will help you with that process. You are an eternal being having a mortal experience, but you may have forgotten or been caught up in the deception of mortality. You need to tune in, get squared, and go forth fearless.

Brooks Agnew is a renaissance man with a powerful knowledge of the spiritual and the scientific. He has been heralded by millions as the modern day John Galt, bringing the best technologies and minds together to protect the world from the globalist elites who intend to rule it for their own entertainment.

He was an instructor of Mathematics at Gaston College, professorial assistant with Evironmental Chemistry at Tennessee Technological University, and instructed graduate students at Western Kentucky University in the field of Instrumental Analysis. He graduated with honors in the top 0.1% of graduating seniors from Tennessee Technological University in Chemistry and Mathematics, continuing his studies to achieve a Masters Degree in Quality (statistics) and a PhD in Physics. He is a multi-patented engineer with more than 10 thousand published technical papers. He began contracting in 1998 for numerous Fortune 100 companies after retiring from full-time employment as an engineer for the automotive industry at age 43. Since then, he led numerous billon-dollar coporations through TS-16949 and ISO-9000 certifications making possible more than $500 million in new earnings and providing or saving more than 10,000 jobs in the United States. He is currently the CEO of an American manufacturing company producing the nation's only on-highway electric pikcup truck; the CONDOR