X-Squared Radio Interviews

Michael Cremo
With Host Brooks Agnew

The Forbidden Archeologist
11 / 7 / 2010

Michael has written a regular column for Altlantis Rising Magazine. This program discusses that body of information that has shaken the foundations of evolution and archaeology around the world. Tune in and listen to a world-class scientist with the data to prove that humans have been here much longer than you could imagine.

James Gilliland
With Host Brooks Agnew

Contact has Begun
10 / 24 / 2010

UFO's are being covered by the mainstream news. New York, Cleveland, Chicago, and now El Paso have been filmed with UFO's in their skies for hours at a time. No aircraft have gone up toe investigate. Why? Are they afraid? Outclassed? Involved? Or asre the UFO's actually human-powered craft staging an elaborate hoax to trick the public into believing we need some sort of super space army. Even the UN has been embarrassed by self appointed Mazlan Othman, a fringe Malaysian astrophysicist who says she's the new amabssdor to aliens. Tune in to one of the best UFO shows on Earth. Nick and James cover the entire spectrum of UFO opinions.

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