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The North Pole Inner Earth Expedition is the Greatest Expedition in the History of the World.

In 2001, the research program began. The seismological data was reviewed. The history was studied. The astronomy and satellite data was scrutinized. The personal testimony of dozens of explorers was gathered and analyzed. The physics of the current structure of the Earth was calculated and recalculated.

At the end of the study, there was still not enough data to disprove the theory that the Earth might be hollow. In fact, the evidence that the Earth might be hollow became so numerous, that planning for an expedition to the Arctic region as a process for proof of the hypothesis became necessary. The work to assemble a science team began in 2004. By 2005 the plans for an expedition using the Russian nuclear powered icebreaker were formulated. Steven Currey Expeditions headed the team and began collecting scientists and engineers from around the world.

By 2005, the team had grown to 22 members, but required 100 members to fund the voyage. In 2006, Steven Currey tragically passed away and was succeeded by launch manager and PhD Physicist, Brooks Agnew. Dr. Agnew’s great, great grandfather is the Scottish explorer credited with the discovery of the Magnetic North Pole. Dr. Agnew is continuing the family tradition of Arctic exploration by searching for the North Pole Inner Earth opening to the core.

Planning was changed as all the funds collected at that time were refunded to all the original participants. The expedition theme was established to feature five documentary films dedicated to enlightening the world to the nature of Planet Earth and the potential of mankind’s stewardship.

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