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Magazine and Newspaper Appearances

Brooks Agnew has written articles or been featured in more than 100 magazines including the following: The New York Times, The National Examiner, The Charlotte Tribune, The Lincolnton Times, Nexus Magazine, Atlantis Rising, UFO Magazine and UFO Digest.


  • The Conscious Life Expo – Los Angeles, California
  • MUFON – Charlotte, North Carolina
  • The Memphis Library – Memphis, Tennessee
  • The Science, Spirit, and Earth Transformation Conference – Hawaii
  • The Science, Spirit, and World Transformation Conference – Trout Lake, Washington
  • The Heart of the Awakened – Mount Shasta, California
  • Summer on the Mountain – Mount Shasta, California
  • The SF Bay Area UFO Conference – San Francisco, California
  • The ET Conference – Mount Shasta, California

Radio Appearances

Brooks Agnew has conducted dozens of radio interviews on some of the world’s most popular radio programs. The following is a list of interviews in 2007:

  • National Public Radio
  • Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
  • X-Zone Radio
  • The David Allen Show
  • The Kevin Smith Show
  • Let’s Talk Paranormal with Tracy Austin
  • Burlington News Network with Mary Sutherland
  • The Edge AM with Daniel Ott
  • WSGE Radio
  • WMTN Radio 1310
  • WFAE Radio 1110
  • Utah Valley Television
  • Feet to Fire Radio with The Black Knight
  • Rob Simone Radio London, England
  • Night Watchman Chronicles
  • More than 30 additional radio and television appearances

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