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The success of the expedition is dependent on the knowledge, skills and expertise of the leadership team. This first-of-a-kind adventure is being led by the most qualified and scientifically-focused individuals available today.

Chief Historian – Rodney Cluff

For more than 30 years Rodney has researched and compiled the data necessary to narrow the location of a possible opening to an area north of Ellesmere Island above the Arctic Circle. He has assembled a team of four historians who have completed the most comprehensive database of Inner Earth studies on Earth. Rodney can be reached at

Film Production Advisor - Shiela McCarthy

Emerald Films, Inc. is a successful Hollywood film and prodution management company. As a partner company, they manage the film makers, pre-production and post-production activies, as well as establish the P&L for filming and distribution. The world will experience this expedition through film, with the prospects for sales extending for 20 years after the event takes place. Shiela can be reached at

Leader of the Exopolitics movement - Michael Salla

Michael is responsible for awareness training and for drafting the initiatives that will lead to world peace through the United Nations, as well as the communications and interactions with all races. Michael can be reached at

All Other Team Members

The full team currently has 35 members with the following skills:

  • Global Warming in the Arctic Circle
  • Undersea film making
  • Ocean chemical and physical properties
  • Marine Biology
  • Astronomy
  • Computer Technologies
  • Planetary Core Geology
  • Ancient history
  • Meditation training
  • Musical compositions
  • Cetation communications and biology
  • Earth curvature measurement
  • Magnetometry and Earth Magnetism analysis
  • Borealis photography and spectrometry
  • Arctic exploration

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