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Bearth: Volume 2
The Grand Division [PAPERBACK] $14.95
By: Brooks Agnew

Earth is coming apart in an epic cataclysm prophecied in the ancient writings. Espionage and battles deepen as the Nephilim triesd to manipulate mankind. The future is in flux and affecting the past in a Mandela Effect that will open your eyes to the power of intention and manifestation. The dark powers of the universe are exposed for all to see. Just like it is unfoldiong around you right now. Get ready to fall in love and to realize who you really are.

Bearth: Vol. 2 The Grand Division [KINDLE] $7.95
By: Brooks Agnew

Kindle Version

Bearth: Vol. 3 The Grand Division [FULL AUDIO] $4.95
By: Brooks Agnew

This is the full audio version of VOLUME ONE of the Bearth Trilogy.

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