by EJ Clark and B. Alexander Agnew, PhD

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EJ Clark
EJ Clark is the consummate archeologist with more than 30 years of experience researching ancient civilizations. She has personally crawled through pyramids, tunnels, traveled by canoe down jungle rivers and climbed temples to find her evidence. Her understanding of the ancient writings such as the Zohar, Sefer Yetzerah, the Popul Vuh and many more adds priceless perspective to the book. Her discoveries have corrected some of the biggest archeological blunders of modern times.

As a female medical professsional, she has had the income to feed her desire to see these places and find the truth for us. She knows where the ancient halls of records are located. She recovered the secrets of the Freemasons and knows why they were so important. And, because she knows this, you can learn about it in the book.
Brooks A. Agnew
Brooks Agnew at Philae
Brooks A. Agnew is currently the Vice President of Engineering for Green Star Products, Inc. (stock symbol GSPI)  He has helped design and construct the most efficient BIODIESEL production plant on the West Coast to make 8 million gallons of clean-burning biodiesel per year.  He is also the company's lead engineer to build the largest algae-biodiesel facility in the world in Salt Lake City.   He grew up in Pasadena, California. His interest in space exploration inspired him with friends at JPL, NASA, and Hughs. He entered the Air Force in 1973, where he graduated top in his class in electronics engineering. He later graduated with honors in Chemistry from Tennessee Tech. As a physicist, he is probably one of the most experienced pioneers of ground probing radar technology in the world. This technology is currently utilized in the Mars Express program.

As a commercial scientist, he has authored thousands of technical papers, booklets, or video documentaries. Dr. Agnew has joined with veteran archaeologist EJ Clark to produce the most comprehensive book ever written on the creation of the Earth. Thousands of readers call it the greatest story on the universe. He is also currently the leader of the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition.  Their self-published non-fiction work became a national best seller in less than 60 days. His philosophy is, "Everything we do will eventually affect the universe. Do it on purpose."

You can listen to Dr. Agnew LIVE every Sunday night from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM Pacific Time on X-Squared Radio.
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