by EJ Clark and B. Alexander Agnew, PhD
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Volume One: New Discoveries and Light on the Creation

One of the hottest topics in the world today is the creation of the Earth. There are so many points of view from so many ages that nobody thought there would ever be one work that could explain it all. Until now. The Ark of Millions of Years is an ancient title. The authors have done this title justice by compiling and decoding all the schools of thought into one exciting work. From the Rabbi to the priest to the astronomer to the astro-physicist to the armchair archeologist, there is tremendous food here for all. You will understand the pyramids, the temples of the Yucatan, and the very stars in heaven as well as the greatest scholars. The prophecy has been fulfilled. Through space and time this book answers more questions and provides more understanding between its covers than anything written in any language. Period. Why? Because this work combines the works of a dozen ages into a landmark publication in the genre of world creation. If you're thinking about writing a book, this will be in your bibliography. Each time you refer to its pages throughout your life you will learn something else about the nature of the universe, our earth, and perhaps your very soul. Knowing the orgin of the earth, the scope of its present, and the potential of its future will add limitless power to your knowledge.
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