by EJ Clark and B. Alexander Agnew, PhD
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Volume Two: 2012 and the Harvest of the Endtimes

You feel it too. There is something marvelous and perhaps terrible about to happen. Every ancient civilization did their best to prepare the race of man for the events leading up to December 21, 2012. Forget about the current notion of Intelligent Design! You are holding in your hands right now the missing keys and forgotten meanings of truths lost for over 6,000 years. The Tzolkin wheels in the ancient Aztec calendar measured Jesus' end of the age. And it has never been wrong. Ever. Ancient prophecies say knowledge of the true creation of the Earth must be restored prior to the end times. That is being fulfilled as you read these two books.

Volume One: New Discoveries and Light on the Creation busted the evolution myth once and for all, by answering the question, "Where did we come from?" Volume Two completes the Greatest Story on the Universe, by answering the other two questions: "Why are we here? Where are we going?"

Get ready to grow your understanding of science and religion. Bring what you have to the table. Truth is truth. You are about to learn who you really are and what your potential can be. Experience the wonder of space and Earth exploration. Watch the universe unfold before your eyes. Remember, everything you do will eventually affect the universe. It's time to do it on purpose.

Unwrap the Rapture! The Watcher's Plan is fully revealed for the first time in history. Get ready for the most incredible days since the Earth cooled. You need to read this book this year. You're not afraid to learn we're not alone in the universe. Are you?
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